Chinese? Japanese? Korean? Nope, We are TAIWANESE!


Kinesisk? Japansk? Koreansk? NEI! Vi er TAIWANSK!

!صينية؟ يابانية؟ كورية؟ لا! نحن تايوانية

When filling up the US Census form, section 9 (or question 5 if you are like me living in a college dorm) asks for: “What is Person 1’s race?” And of course Taiwanese is not listed as an option, as in the 2000 Census, only 800 Taiwanese people were counted in San Francisco County, and the entire United States of American consists only of 144,795 Taiwanese people, a way way way off the chart low underestimate. So this year in the 2010 Census, we are going to identify ourselves as “Other Asians”, and write in “TAIWANESE”. Maybe next time, we won’t be counted as “Other Asians”.

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One thought on “Chinese? Japanese? Korean? Nope, We are TAIWANESE!”

  1. I was born in Taiwan, raised by Taiwanese parents, and have many Taiwanese family friends. But today I don’t tend to feel comfortable at all around other Taiwanese. I prefer the broader identification of being “Asian-American”.

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