After more than two years of absence, I am finally back at a place where I am able to blog and share things about Taiwan regularly. A lot certainly has changed in the past two and a half years. To start off with the relaunch, I switched the theme for the blog so that words and pictures are now bigger and hopefully easier to read. I also just spent the past hour deleting posts that are no longer relevant and fixing broken links and missing pictures. Do share anything you think could be improved and I will do my best. I also put up a post about the election two months ago, so check it out!

A more drastic change would be to the content of this blog. As more and more information becomes available, I have been thinking and learning about Taiwan’s past, present, and future in ways that I haven’t had before. As a millennial, my generation has been labelled as “pro-independence by birth 天然獨” in Taiwan, which, depending on where you stand on the issue, could be a very good thing or very bad thing. All the same, it is apparently very puzzling to the older generations in Taiwan as well as the People’s Republic of China how “pro-independence by birth” came to be and is possible. I can’t say that my perspective can represent everyone’s, because that’s not how a democratic society operates. But from now on, this blog will be my way to give my two cents about how the younger generation thinks about Taiwan and its future. It’s not easy, and probably not going to be pleasant, but absolutely necessary if Taiwan is ever going to become a “normal” country without causing war.

Quite fittingly, the Sunflower Movement was two years ago, and while I wasn’t able to be a part of it, I am certainly in awe of the change it has brought to Taiwan. If change can come from ordinary citizens who are actually concerned about a place, then I think the society has a lot to look forward to.


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