China Airlines flight attendants to strike

Update 12 am 25 June 2016: Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union and China Airlines reached an agreement, after more than five hours of negotiations, to restore the original reporting location and working hours, increase per diem, compensation, and holidays for union members, ending the strike. Flight operation will return to normal on 27 June. Flights departing from Taoyuan (TPE) and Taipei Songshan (TSA) airports before 5 pm on 25 June are all cancelled except CI 110/111 TPE-Fukuoka, CI 833/834 TPE-Bangkok, CI 601/602 TPE-Hong Kong, CI 154/155 TPE-Nagoya, CI 160/161 TPE-Seoul Incheon, CI 120/121 TPE-Okinawa, CI 903/904 TPE-Hong Kong, and CI 501/502 TPE-Shanghai Pudong. Passengers should contact China Airlines at +886(2)412-9000.

Update 12 am 24 June 2016: China Airlines announced the cancellation of all flights between 6 am and 10 pm on 24 June departing from Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei, TPE) and Taipei Songshan Airport (Taipei, TSA). Flights departing from Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) and Tainan Airport (TNN) are not being affected at the moment.

Update 9 pm 23 June 2016: China Airlines has released a statement in response to the strike. For tomorrow before noon (24 June), 8 flights have been cancelled: CI 601/602 TPE-Hong Kong, CI 909/910 TPE-Hong Kong, CI 160/161 TPE-Seoul Incheon, CI 170/171 TPE-Toyama, CI 701/702 TPE-Manila, CI 110/111 TPE-Fukuoka, CI 300/301 Kaohsiung-TPE, and CI 278/279 TPE-Takamatsu.

Update 6 pm 23 June 2016: Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union has sent out a strike notice, where members will begin to strike at 00:00 am Taiwan time (GMT+8) 24 June 2016 in front of China Airlines headquarters in Taipei and will not service any flights departing from Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei, TPE) and Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH), China Airlines’ two hubs in Taiwan. Click this link to see a live streaming of the strike.

In a two-week vote of the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union, which represents more than 80% of China Airlines’ flight attendants, 99% of more than 2500 members voted to strike in response to management decision to increase flight attendants’ working hour and changing reporting location to further away from Taoyuan International Airport without increasing compensation and per diem. China Airlines, Taiwan’s flag-carrier and largest airlines, is a member of SkyTeam and flies to more than 140 destinations in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. Negotiations between company management and union broke down after the company refused union demands and invoked several retaliatory measures against union leadership. The union had planned to strike in July or August, in time for peak summer travel. The union has also decided to freeze all negotiations with company management until its demands are met.

China Airlines, the parent company of which is owned by a foundation owned by the Taiwanese government, has appealed to the ministries of transportation and labor to persuade union members not to strike. In the mean time, if you are planning a trip to Taiwan and want to avoid potential travel hassle, you may want to consider these other airlines that fly from and to Taiwan.


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