Tsai Ing-wen Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal

After four+ months in office, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said that she hopes “mainland China does not misinterpret or misjudge the current situation, or think that it can make Taiwanese bow to pressure,” in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal. While many in Taiwan are not satisfied with how her government has been trying to please everyone and going back and forth on some of its pre-election promises, I think her China policies are relatively neutral, if not conservative. China, naturally, believes the contrary. Read the full interview in Chinese and English.

Many people place the blame of Taiwan’s decreased participation in international organizations on her refusal to recognize the One China principle like the previous Ma Ying-jeou government. But I think it is a good thing for Taiwanese people to be reminded that Taiwan is not the troublemaker here, and we shouldn’t be backing down from insisting our independence in exchange of participating in international organizations, knowing full well that China could decide to stop being friendly (the way it is now) and prevent Taiwan from being seen or heard around the world.


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