February 28 is a public holiday in Taiwan, designated as Peace Memorial Day to commemorate the massacres that began on February 28, 1947 and the White Terror period that followed for the next four decades (1947-1987). 70 years have since passed, but it is still a contentious topic in Taiwan due to the fact that Kuomintang (KMT), the political party that massacre perpetrators belong to, is still a major (though currently in minority) player in Taiwanese politics. In many ways, KMT during the White Terror period behaved very much like the Communist Party of China today, as the incident was a taboo subject during those 40 years, and was not even taught in schools until 1990s. Taiwan Bar’s video above (English subtitle/CC available) provides an introduction to something many families in Taiwan still grieve about today.

From the Washington PostFor decades, no one spoke of Taiwan’s hidden massacre. A new generation is breaking the silence.


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