Jeg vil gjerne fortelle verden om Taiwan og hvorfor mange elsker det.
.سأقول للعالم عن تايوان

Ilha formosa (pronounced “ee-la for-mo-sa“) literally means “beautiful island” and was what Portuguese sailors supposedly exclaimed when they sailed past the island of Taiwan in 1544. Today, it is the home of more than 23 million people.

Alt om Taiwan, means “everything/all about Taiwan” in Norwegian, which I am learning.

The pictures in the banner on the top are (from left to right): mango shaved ice with ice cream, field of guava trees, sunrise on Alishan, National Palace Museum, Taroko Gorge, and streets of Hsinchu City.

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8 pm, 12 February 2010

I was attending college in the US, living in the dorms, and was watching the opening ceremony of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics with a lot of my floor mates. I had told everyone I am from Taiwan, and they wondered if anyone from Taiwan would be competing. I didn’t know and had to google to find out that one person was competing in luge.

Not many people know this, but Taiwan cannot participate in the Olympic games using the name Taiwan. Instead, as a compromise made several decades ago, the team is called Chinese Taipei 中華台北, not Taiwan. The IOC country code used is TPE (abbreviated for Taipei), not TWN. The flag used is that of the Taiwan’s Olympic Committee’s (Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee 中華奧林匹克委員會), not the ROC flag. And the song that will be played if any Taiwanese athlete wins gold is not the national anthem, but the national flag anthem. The “Chinese” in Chinese Taipei is not supposed to mean “of [People’s Republic of] China”, but rather “of [Republic of] China,” or maybe “of Chinese-culture descent.” But of course non-Chinese speakers would not know that. I realized that I have some explaining to do, and thought I might also get a chance to survey how much people actually know.

It turned out that they do know some stuff. Not much, but some, which is an accomplishment itself. After all, why should anyone from the world superpower care about an island thousands of miles away?

So I decided to write a blog, to tell people about Taiwan.

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