Former VP elected KMT chairman, same downward spiral?

152824eb-526d-4a94-a042-f58dd33bd176After losing both the presidency and, for the first time, control of parliament in the 2016 elections, the century-old Kuomintang today elected former Taiwan Vice-President Wu Den-yih 吳敦義 as its new chairperson. Of the 476,147 eligible party members, 58% voted, 52.2% (144k) of which voted for Wu, just past the 50% that would otherwise have triggered a runoff election between Wu and incumbent chairperson Hung Hsiu-chu, who received the second most votes (19.2%). The six candidates include Wu, Hung, former Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-pin, former health minister Steven Chan, former MP Han Kuo-yu, and former MP Tina Pan. Continue reading “Former VP elected KMT chairman, same downward spiral?”


KMT elected new chairperson


Hung Hsiu-chu 洪秀柱 was elected the chairperson of Kuomintang yesterday, becoming the first female to serve in the position. She won 56.16% of party votes, defeating Acting KMT Chair Huang Min-hui 黃敏惠 and two other candidates. After New Taipei Mayor and ex-KMT Chairman Eric Chu lost the presidential election in January, he resigned chairmanship in his concession speech. Ms. Hung served as a member of the Legislative Yuan from 1990 until 2016, as Deputy Speaker of the Legislature between 2012-2016, and was nominated by KMT as presidential candidate in July 2015. She was subsequently replaced by party chairman Eric Chu in an unprecedented special party congress in October 2015 after public support dropped. She also previously served as KMT Vice Chairperson and Deputy Secretary-General. Before entering politics, Hung was a high school teacher in New Taipei City (then Taipei County).