Constitutional Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage

After hearing oral arguments on the case concerning same-sex marriage brought by activist Chi Chia-wei and Taipei City Government two months ago, Taiwan’s Constitutional Court today ruled that the marriage chapter of the Civil Code, which states marriage as between “the male and the female parties,” to be unconstitutional. (Read the Court’s English press release.)

In its Interpretation 748, the Court contends that Part IV Chapter II of the Civil Code on marriage violates ROC Constitution Article 22, protecting people the freedom of marriage, and Article 7, stating all ROC citizens to be equal. The Court rules that relevant authorities must amend or enact laws within two years to protect the right of marriage for same-sex couples. However, the Court did not specify whether the parliament should amend the Civil Code, add additional articles allowing same-sex marriage, or to create a separate law allowing same-sex civil union. Continue reading “Constitutional Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage”

Taoyuan Airport Metro to start operation

The recently-finished Taoyuan Airport MRT will begin commercial service on 2 March 2017, after construction first started in 2006 and was delayed multiple times. Trains run from both terminals of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (A12 & A13) eastbound through New Taipei and Taipei to Taipei Main Station (A1) and southbound through Taoyuan City.

Travel time for express trains (purple, stopping at A1, A3, A8, A12, and A13) between the airport and Taipei Main Station is 30-40 minutes and are expected to run 4-5 times every hour (6 am-11 pm). Travel time for commuter trains (blue, every stop) is about one hour and will run every 15 minutes. Tickets between the airport and Taipei Main cost NT$160/person. Fares to other stations start at NT$30. EasyCard, iPass, and HappyCash are accepted. Tickets are 50% off during the first month of operation (2 March-1 April).


Passengers can transfer to Taipei MRT in stations A1-A3, to high speed rail in stations A1 (HSR Taipei) and A18 (HSR Taoyuan), and to regular railway in stations A1 (Taipei Main) and A23 (TRA Zhongli, not yet open). Passengers flying China Airlines, EVA Airways, Mandarin Airlines, and UNI Airways can check in and drop their luggage at Taipei Main Station for flights departing after 9 am on the same day.

Taoyuan Airport MRT is the first line (Blue line) of Taoyuan Metro to open. Three more lines (Green, Orange, and Brown) are being planned and will connect stations A10, A11, A16, and A21 of the Airport MRT.

EVA Airways Joins Star Alliance

Star Alliance

Taiwan’s second largest airlines, EVA Airways 長榮航空, becomes the 28th member of the global airline alliance, Star Alliance 星空聯盟, today at a ceremony held in its hub airport, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 臺灣桃園國際機場 (TPE), formerly known as Chiang Kai-shek International Airport 中正國際機場. Founded in 1989, EVA Airways’ passenger fleet consists of Airbus A321-200, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Boeing B747-400, and Boeing B777-300ER. EVA Airways also operates freighter Boeing B747-400F and McDonnell Douglas MD-11F as EVA Air Cargo. Currently EVA Airways flies to more than 60 destinations in more than 20 countries and territories in Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and Taiwan. Continue reading “EVA Airways Joins Star Alliance”

Visit Taiwan

The most convenient way to get to Taiwan is by plane. Most international flights arrive and depart from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE, in Taoyuan, but usually labeled as Taipei by airlines). Currently there are five other airports operating regular international flights in Taiwan, to destinations in Asia: Taipei International Airport (TSA, in downtown Taipei, also known as Songshan Airport), Taichung Airport (RMQ), Tainan Airport (TNN), Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH), and Hualien Airport (HUN). Continue reading “Visit Taiwan”

Foreign Missions in Taiwan

Below is a list of foreign missions, diplomatic, commercial, or otherwise, in Taiwan, in English alphabetical order of country name by region. States that don’t officially recognize the Republic of China (Taiwan) as a country don’t have embassies in Taiwan, but many of them operate de facto embassies or trade offices that do everything an embassy would do in other countries, just without the official diplomatic status (but Taiwan’s government treats them as if they are official embassies anyway). Not all offices listed below have the authority to grant entry visa into their respective country. For contact information of foreign missions, visit Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

States that recognize the Republic of China:

貝里斯大使館 Embassy of Belize
布吉納法索駐中華民國大使館 Ambassade du Burkina Faso
多明尼加共和國大使館 Embajada de la República Dominicana
薩爾瓦多共和國駐中華民國大使館 Embajada de El Salvador
瓜地馬拉共和國駐中華民國大使館 Embajada de Guatemala
海地共和國大使館 Embassy of the Republic of Haiti
教廷駐華大使館 Nuntiatura Apostolica In Sinis (Holy See)
宏都拉斯共和國大使館 Embassy of the Republic of Honduras
馬紹爾群島共和國大使館 Embassy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands
諾魯共和國大使館 Embassy of the Republic of Nauru
尼加拉瓜共和國大使館 Embajada de la República de Nicaragua
帛琉共和國大使館 Embassy of the Republic of Palau
巴拿馬共和國駐中華民國大使館 Embajada de Panamá
巴拉圭駐中華民國大使館 Embajada del Paraguay
索羅門群島駐中華民國大使館 Embassy of the Solomon Islands
聖克里斯多福及尼維斯大使館 Embassy of Saint Kitts and Nevis
聖露西亞大使館 Embassy of Saint Lucia
史瓦濟蘭王國大使館 Embassy of the Kingdom of Swaziland
吐瓦魯國駐華大使館 Embassy of Tuvalu

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